Martech News

Martech Predictions for 2021

  • Last Mile impressions will surge as retail businesses double down on recouping their COVID-19 losses
  • Behavioral marketing will continue to drive conversion
  • Virtualization in customer service will boom. Augmented reality in the online shopping experience will become commonplace
  • Bigger data will drive bigger decisions. Amazon is expanding into bricks and mortar. So is Google. So is… everybody who has access to big data
  • Click fraud will continue to rise until ad platforms respond with better machine learning algorithms to identify fraudsters
  • Although COVID-19 lockdowns have destroyed the retail industry, in-person shopping is not extinct. Retailers will focus more on blending the shopping experience across online shopping and bricks-and-mortar locations
  • Anonymous, universal ID will standardize adtech audience tracking methods.
  • Ecommerce trends will include products that remind people of normal, in-store experiences like spa treatments and gym workouts
  • The battle between giants Apple, Facebook, and Google Adwords will result in innovation on the way in which users are tracked across platforms
  • Uber-everything because technology and COVID-19
  • Consumers will focus more on a product’s utility, quality, and alignment with their values than brand affinity, especially in ecommerce and the wellness industry
  • Subscriptions will surge as people get used to set-it and forget-it