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Marketing Technology for CBD, Cannabis, and Kratom

One of the biggest challenges for companies that sell alternative medicines and other ingestible products is the inability to advertise on platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook. Here are some martech ideas that can help.

CBD Oils and Related Products

Facebook and Google will likely reject your ads. However, you can begin to think about your audience, and how you can develop content that will be accepted onto such platforms. For example, CBD is often discussed in the health and wellness space. So, it stands to reason that you could produce more general content as part of your leads acquisition process. One path forward would be to create a general health and wellness website. Then, determine your target audience and build out some content and landing pages for that audience, which is unrelated to CBD. From there, you would funnel the visitors towards the products and services that align with your core business.

Cannabis-Related Content and Paid Ads

If you’re advertising cannabis-related products, then you’ve got an even steeper hill than your CBD counterparts. This may change over time, but in the meantime, the strategy is similar to that of CBD. Figure out your target audience, and some vanilla products that appeal to them. These might be people who suffer from pain, anxiety, and even those who are going through chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. They have obvious needs that you might be able to address. So, educate them on cannabis, but do it only after you’ve funneled them through related content that is acceptable on paid ad platforms.

Kratom and Paid Ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram

This is another challenge. Kratom has some regulations surrounding it, but it’s a smaller community than that of CBD and cannabis. There are a handful of kratom websites that educate their readers on the pros and cons of ingesting this plant substance. The good news is exactly at: it is a small, but growing community. If you get in early, you could have authority in the space. With that in mind, follow the same strategy as with CBD and cannabis. Think about the people who utilize kratom as falling into several audiences, and target them with non-kratom offers.

Psilocybin (“Magic Mushrooms”), Pharma and Everything Else

Can you guess the strategy here? That’s right, it’s the same as for the other cohorts. You’re not going to be able to advertise magic mushrooms on Google, Facebook, or Instagram. But you can target people with PTSD and others who would benefit from this plant substance.

Paid Ads Strategy

You should now have some great ideas in mind for a landing page, content, and ad campaign to surround your products and services. Be strategic, follow the rules, and the outcome will be a huge lift in your profits.


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