Martech News

Martech Predictions for 2021

  • Last Mile impressions will surge as retail businesses double down on recouping their COVID-19 losses
  • Behavioral marketing will continue to drive conversion
  • Virtualization in customer service will boom. Augmented reality in the online shopping experience will become commonplace
  • Bigger data will drive bigger decisions. Amazon is expanding into bricks and mortar. So is Google. So is… everybody who has access to big data
  • Click fraud will continue to rise until ad platforms respond with better machine learning algorithms to identify fraudsters
  • Although COVID-19 lockdowns have destroyed the retail industry, in-person shopping is not extinct. Retailers will focus more on blending the shopping experience across online shopping and bricks-and-mortar locations
  • Anonymous, universal ID will standardize adtech audience tracking methods.
  • Ecommerce trends will include products that remind people of normal, in-store experiences like spa treatments and gym workouts
  • The battle between giants Apple, Facebook, and Google Adwords will result in innovation on the way in which users are tracked across platforms
  • Uber-everything because technology and COVID-19
  • Consumers will focus more on a product’s utility, quality, and alignment with their values than brand affinity, especially in ecommerce and the wellness industry
  • Subscriptions will surge as people get used to set-it and forget-it

Will Crypto Surpass Fiat Transactions?

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, the economy has tanked and trust in the US dollar and other currencies may be at an all-time low. Gold and silver prices hit all-time highs, as a strong indicator for further drops in fiat. Crypto prices are up too, and they are much easier to use in transactions to transfer value from one person to another, versus metals. With the future of fiat currencies being questionable, will crypto transactions grow in volume, and eventually surpass crypto transactions?

Crypto Values Continue to Rise

Bitcoin is knocking on the door of $12,000 and above again, and people are already talking about whether Ethereum will break $1000. In the past, people were skeptical about crypto. Yet, it appears as though it isn’t going anywhere. People trust the technology enough to put their money into it, and ecommerce vendors are accepting Bitcoin transactions (and others).

Prepare Your Company for the Future

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other coin, the future is in cryptocurrencies. They’ve been volatile up until now, and may continue to swing widely. But, we may see them stabilize as fiat continues to fall. That being the case, there are a few things you can do as a merchant. The first step of course, is to start accepting crypto transactions. You can still continue to accept fiat, but by accepting crypto, you will give your customers more choices, and that will give you more revenue streams.